Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

Held at The Wedding Porch Venue in Raleigh, NC 

For all your Reception needs:

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  All New Elite Wedding Porch Ceremony Package!
What the Elite Ceremony includes:
*Several more selections in each part of the ceremony
*More personalization with additional parts added into the ceremony
*Personal Readings or Prayers can be added
*Guests inclusive additions to your ceremony
*More options for including your children at any age into your ceremony

And much more!

Are you planning an outdoor ceremony and reception?

We would love for you to consider our charming Wedding Porch Venue.

Set on a 3.5-acre spot in a rural area of Raleigh, right on the Knightdale line.

Welcome to The Wedding Porch Venue:
A charming and unique location for your Wedding Ceremony and Reception for only $600