Like many of the other Officiants, Samantha will help you create a beautiful wedding ceremony with all the bells & whistles you may want.

But what makes Samantha unique is her distinctive style that enables her to create a relaxed 20 minutes through the ceremony itself.

It’s the day of the ceremony and both the bride & groom are a bit nervous, as they should be making this lifelong commitment to one another. Firstly Samantha will meet separately with the bride and the groom to reassure you that all is well, give a hug or offer a prayer.

If there are any last minute details someone overlooked she will offer her attention to detail and make it right.

And lastly, the most valuable skill Samantha offers is that she will be your lifeline at the altar. She will guide you both through each part of the ceremony slowly, calmly and stress-free. She will anchor your focus on your love for each other rather than the role of a stage performance. You’ll never feel confused & wonder what to say or what comes next. If there is a slip up in a word, Samantha will chuckle and repeat it again.

This relieves the panic one feels if they say a word wrong and allows your guests to feel the humor of being human.

Samantha feels it’s important that the bride and groom have fun marrying each other; after all, it is a joyous occasion. The act of marriage is indeed a serious one but the ceremony that creates the marriage should be enjoyable, happy and sometimes even funny. Yes, there are many wedding Minsters-Officiants available to provide you with a ceremony; it’s up to you to decide what are the most valuable skills you need in an Officiant.

What Makes Rev. Samantha L. Heart Unique?