Wedding Rehearsal Basics

Samantha is skilled at providing guidance & instruction at your rehearsal on the order of Processionals and Recessionals. I will instruct the members of your wedding party the order to line up, how, where & when to walk down the aisle, where to stand during the ceremony & how to perform the recessional.

This includes walking & seating mothers before the ceremony begins. Back up ideas for young flower girls and/or ring bearers when they aren't up for their role/s the day of your wedding. Making sure the Wedding party knows what time they must be there. Discuss contingencies regarding late people or unplanned absentees.  I will ease everyone's concerns about how everything is done & when. We will practice all parts of the wedding ceremony, from beginning to end, until everyone is comfortable with how to perform their role. Generally the allowed time for Rehearsals is 1 hour; if more time is required it may delay your dinner plans. So please have the wedding party arrive for rehearsal on time. 

What is provided at the Rehearsal

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 A wedding ceremony should seem to unfold effortlessly and smoothly, but those of us in the know are aware that this is only the case because all of the key players have practiced their entrances and exits, their lines, and the choreography. Also known as the wedding ceremony rehearsal, this walk through of the main event is pretty important for any couple having anything more than the simplest of ceremonies.  It doesn’t have to be complicated. The rehearsal just needs to be thorough enough and long enough to make everyone comfortable with their roles. As for who ‘everyone’ is, the usual roster of participants at ceremony rehearsals will include: The bride and groom All members of the wedding party (including ring bearer and flower girl) All those individuals with special roles during the ceremony (readers, lighting candles,etc.) Musicians or soloists Officiant(s) Parents of the bride and groom Wedding coordinator – 
The wedding rehearsal is usually held at the ceremony location the night before the wedding. However, if the ceremony location is unavailable, the rehearsal can be held at an alternate location. Here are some more tips to make your rehearsal (and thus your ceremony)amazing:  * Make sure that everyone that should attend knows the time and location of the rehearsal. Some brides send out invitations for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner along with directions for those that may be unfamiliar with the location. The goal is to get everyone there on time! * Let your Officiant run the rehearsal. He or she should give directions to everyone in terms of the flow, order of events,where and when to enter and where to stand at the altar. * Don’t try to add anything new to the ceremony that wasn’t already talked about and agreed upon with your Officiant.It will only add confusion to the ceremony and the rehearsal. * All those with special roles should rehearse their part. Readers may only want to practice a few lines – or they may wish to rehearse their entire passage. Be aware and make sure at the end of the rehearsal that everyone is comfortable with his or her role.